When will my stuff ship?
It is always our goal to get things out as fast as possible. Many things will go right out. There are, however, several factors in how fast your order will ship. So we always ask that you allow 7-10 business days before it ships.
Why haven't you answered my Dms?
Cuz I'm not tryin to holla atchu.
But really, we do not discuss order status on social media because we do
all of our correspondence in one place, london1888info@gmail.com
There are two of us and we use our email account and social media pages jointly. To keep communication streamlined, we prefer that you email us with your order number in the subject line.
We typically respond to emails Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm EST.
I got a notification that my order was shipped, but it's just sitting there in Florida.. What are you doing, playing video games?
Nope! Often we print labels immediately after you order, and the label serves as a packing list for us, so that we can get your order compiled and packed as soon as possible. Sometimes, especially with pre-ordered items, we print the label in advance so that as soon as the stock arrives at our home office, we can load it into packing materials and take it straight to the post office. Rather than wasting time printing labels once the shipment arrives to us, potentially making the process more lengthy.
I only got part of my order – where is the rest of it?
We appreciate your excitement. Depending on what you have ordered from us, your order may be split into two or more shipments. Most items are shipped by us from our home office, but some are fulfilled by offsite manufacturers and sent directly to you after they are made.
Please be patient, check your tracking, and email if you have had to wait more than the estimated 7-10 BUSINESS days.
I've scoured the website but can't find an item I saw on Instagram/Facebook, how can I order it?
If you've checked the site and cannot find an item, please email us about it. If you know the product name and size you'd like, please include that in your email. If the item is on the site and marked sold out, it will likely be available again shortly. If it is no longer on the site, it may have been a limited edition/show exclusive, which we cannot make available again.
My order said it was shipped but it never arrived, even though tracking shows it was delivered. Now what?
If your order has been DELIVERED per USPS tracking, you must contact your local post office or postal worker to further investigate what happened. There is absolutely nothing we can do on our end, it is now out of our hands. If you live in an apartment complex, check with the office. Ask your mailman or your neighbors. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
Can I cancel my order?
Our long standing policy is: NO order cancellations.
I received my order, but something is wrong.. now what?
Of course, if there is an error or problem with your order, please email us (include your order number) within five days of receipt, and we will do whatever is in our power to resolve the issue. We may require you to send us a photo of the item.
When are you going to restock [item] ?
The short answer is, we don't know. If it is a wildly popular item, we will try to get it back ASAP.. but, for example, if it's the dead of summer, we aren't planning on restocking hoodies until the cooler months. We order our merchandise from several different manufacturers at varied times throughout the year. When items come back into stock, we will post about it on our social media.
I have a ton of followers, will you send me free stuff?
Nope, sorry. We are a small business that thrives off of a loyal fanbase.